Welcome to the GBROOS-Data web site! This site gives access to the data collected by the Great Barrier Reef Ocean Observing System (GBROOS) Project which is part of the Australian Integrated Marine Observing System or IMOS. GBROOS is run by the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS) on behalf of a consortium of Universities and research agencies.

GBROOS is an observing system that looks to document the impact of the Coral Sea on the Great Barrier Reef and in particular to provide the observational data to understand long term change and the impact this will have on the Great Barrier Reef.

There are five components to GBROOS, the data from each of these can be accessed via this site.
They include:

  • Nine long term moorings, data includes temperature and salinity profiles, waves and currents;
  • Two reference mooring stations basic oceanographic parameters;
  • Sensor networks located on a number of reefs, data includes temperature profiles and weather data (with more to be added over time);
  • Remote sensing satellite data (sea surface temperature and ocean colour data)
  • Underway sampling (temperature, salinity, chlorophyll)

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