Technical information about the AIMS data services.

What are we trying to do?

Our aim is to provide AIMS data to a range of stakeholders including scientists, programmers and national/international data initiatives.

To do this, we provide data using commonly used standards and popular mechanisms such as REST and parameterised HTTP GET URL's to deliver data in formats such as RSS, GeoRSS, KML and simple CSV and XML. These are mechanisms and formats that are widely known and easy to work with, therefore allowing maximum chance of uptake. We continue to develop our RESTful graphing and visualisation web services for this reason. An real example is a local skin diving community that uses our RSS services to place satellite imagery and reef weather information on their website.

Implementation of emerging standards, particularly the spatial and sensor OGC work, remains a focus for us, though there are few clients, users or tools to make use of these.

We also target our online applications/tools to allow users to extract information and knowledge from the data rather than just providing access to the data. Our hope is that others will use our data and visualisation services to create their own tools (mashups) that extract information and knowledge to highlight environmental or science issues of interest. This supplements the traditional download and analyse approach used by researchers.

Want to help?

We are interested in collaborations or projects that can help us achieve common goals. Please contact us at if you're interested.

Datasets and Tools


Data Catalogue (Metadata)

AIMS has a public GeoNetwork MEST available with over 1000 records with more added weekly. Internally, we have over 1500 records at various stages of completeness.

Search the AIMS Data Catalogue


AIMS intends to provide access to large Oceanographic and Remote Sensing datasets using OpenDAP. When the IMOS Moorings data is processed, it will be available using this method. We will be offering the AIMS CTD data archive through OpenDAP.

Go to OpenDAP


AIMS has developed a GeoServer/Openlayers project called e-Atlas through a RRRC. The technology is similar to that used for the eMII portal, though e-Atlas has focused more on WMS layer styling, legends, mapping performance and tools to bring in new layers quickly. e-Atlas lacks the metadata integration and support for other data formats that eMII portal provides.

Go to e-Atlas

Near real time satellite imagery

Since contributing time series, transect, log scaling/colour bar and calendar services to the ncWMS project, we have made daily SST imagery of the GBR available as WMS/WFS and OpenDAP. The online tool will be updated soon and WMS/WFS available to the public.

Go to Satellite Atlas

Go to Quicklook Archive (RSS)

Real time reef weather and observations

This system takes data from real time network (AIMS Weather Stations and FAIMMS OnReef Sensor Network) into a central database, through an automated QAQC process and onto the website. The system includes automatic generation of metadata into the AIMS MEST. The website utilises a range of web services to provide the user with an interactive data exploration experience with dynamic graphs, KML visuals (time based extrusions) and data downloads while delivering extra information about instrumentation and deployment details.

Go to AIMS Weather Stations


Other data is available through tools and parameterised HTTP GET URL's such as the tropical sea temperature logger archive, water quality data and a reef health simulator. Our services are used to create the interactive graphs and download files for these tools.

Go to AIMS Sea Temperature Loggers

Go to Water Quality of Darwin Harbour and Indonesia

Go to Reef Health Simulator

Data Delivery Mechanisms

  • RESTful Web Services (Access to data in RSS/GeoRSS, CSV and as graphs and KML visualisations)

  • Parameterised HTTP GET URL's (same as above RESTful services, will be migrated to REST)

  • OpenDAP (Access to NetCDF datasets)

  • NcWMS (Access to gridded NetCDF datasets through WMS)

  • Data Turbine (Access to latest real time sensor data using RDV)

Feature Visualisations

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