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Became Chief Executive Officer of AIMS in July, 2004. I have significant experience in strategic development and planning of science, both as a practising scientist and at the organisational level. This is reflected in my successful large-scale, multi-disciplinary research projects and the establishment of national and international research programmes to support the sustainable use, conservation and management of marine ecosystems. My scientific background is research into tropical fisheries and ecological systems, including those in Australia's northern Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait and the Gulf of Carpentaria. I have also worked in Jamaica, Papua New Guinea and Southeast Asia. I currently serve on a number of national and international committees. In 2008, I was appointed a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering (ATSE).

1975-80: BSc Zoology, BSc Hons 1A Zoology, PhD Zoology, University of Queensland, Aust

1991: Research Leadership, Inst of Management, UNSW, Aust

2003: International Executive Program, INSEAD, France

Current Research Activities
Currently my main role is the strategic development and planning of science at the organisational, national and international level. My scientific expertise is in tropical marine ecology and fisheries including: understanding how marine systems are influenced by human activities, their environment and climate factors; tropical seagrass ecology; identifying and mitigating the environmental impacts of fishing; developing and evaluating fisheries and environmental management strategies including ecosystem level approaches; developing environmental standards for industries for incorporation into third party certification processes.
Expert Committees and Boards
  • Chair, International Scientific Steering Committee - Census of Marine Life (CoML)
  • Chair, Oceans Policy Science Advisory Group (OPSAG)
  • Board Member, Reef and Rainforest Research Centre Limited
  • Board Member, Western Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI)
  • Board Member, Integrated Marine Observing System (IMOS)
  • Board Member, TopLinks Pty Ltd
  • Member, Great Barrier Reef Foundation - International Scientific Advisory Committee
Over 60 science papers and 53 major industry reports of original research. The following are a selection of publications.

Pitcher CR, Burridge CY, Wassenberg T, Hill BJ and Poiner IR (2009) A large scale BACI experiment to test the effects of prawn trawling on seabed biota in a closed area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia. Fisheries Research 99: 168-183.

Burridge CY, Pitcher CR, Hill BJ, Wassenberg T and Poiner IR (2006) A comparison of demersal communities in an area closed to trawling with those in adjacent areas open to trawling: a study in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia. Fisheries Research 79: 64-74.

Kaiser MJ, Collie JS, Hall SJ, Jennings S and Poiner IR (2002) Impacts of fishing gear on marine benthic habitats. pp. 197-218. In: Sinclair M and Valdimarsson G (eds) Responsible Fisheries in the Marine Ecosystem. FAORome.

Kaiser MJ, Collie JS, Hall SJ and Poiner IR (2002) Long-term habitat changes and their implications for future fisheries management. pp. 189-201. In: Wefer G and Mantoura RFC (eds) Marine Science Frontiers for Europe. Springer-Verlag.

Poiner IR (2001) Review of "Stock assessments of loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles and an assessment of the impact of the pelagic longline fishery on the loggerhead and leatherback sea turtles of the Western North Atlantic". US Department of Commerce, National Marine Fisheries Service, Miami Fla, SEFSC Contribution PRD-00/01-08. 328p.

Poiner IR, Blaber JM, Brewer DT, Burridge C, Caeser D, Connell M, Dennis D, Dews GD, Ellis N, Farmer M, Glaister J, Gribble N, Hill BJ, O'Connor R, Milton DA, Pitcher R, Salini JP, Taranto T, Thomas M, Toscas P, Wang YG, Veronise S, Wassenberg TJ (1999) Final Report on the Effects of Prawn Trawling in the Far Northern Section of the Great Barrier Reef: Final Report to Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and Fisheries Research and Development Corporation on 1991-96 (Years 1-5) Research. CSIRO Marine Laboratories. (Vol 1 - Chapters 1 to 3, Vol 2 - Chapters 4 to 7). 850 p.

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