Research Program Leader, Data and Technology Innovation
The Data and Technology Innovation Program includes the AIMS Research Data Centre, AIMS ocean observing facilities, analytical and bioanalytical laboratories and the National Sea Simulator, a new $35M research aquarium.

My technical background is in marine biology, analytical biochemistry/chemistry and molecular pharmacology as well as extensive experience with very large datasets, their management, database design, interrogation, and visualization. I have also led and managed projects with industry collaborators ranging in size from start-ups to publicly traded companies. My publications cover a wide variety of formats including traditional research publications, major technical reports to industry, patents and an electronic data atlas. I have been an invited peer reviewer for numerous grants and over 30 journals covering a wide variety of disciplines such as analytical chemistry, biochemistry, toxicology, microbiology and biomedicine.
  • 1982 BSc (University of Queensland)
  • 1988 PhD (University of Queensland)
Current Research Activities
  • Marine pharmacology
  • Chemical and biological analysis
  • Database development and use
Expert Committees and Boards
  • Advisor - International Atomic Energy Agency - United Nations Development Project on seafood toxin testing technologies for Asia, Africa and South America
  • Australian member of the International Oceanographic Commission Intergovernmental Panel on Harmful Algal Blooms
Over 90 publications including scientific papers, book chapters, commercial reports and patents. A selection are listed below

Lough JM, LLEWELLYN LE, Lewis SE, Turney CSM, Palmer JG, Cook CG, Hogg AG (2014) Evidence for suppressed mid-Holocene northeastern Australian monsoon variability from coral luminescence. Paleoceanography 29: 581-594

Evans-Illidge EA, Logan M, Doyle J, Fromont J, Battershill CN, Ericson G, Wolff CWW, Muirhead A, Kearns P, Abdo D, Kininmonth S, LLEWELLYN LE (2013) Phylogeny drives large scale patterns in Australian marine bioactivity and provides a new chemical ecology rationale for future biodiscovery. PLoS One 8: e73800

LLEWELLYN LE, McIntosh, Wakeford M (2013) Mapping and synthesis of data and monitoring in Gladstone Harbour. Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership, 179 pages

LLEWELLYN LE, Everingham Y, Lough J (2012) Pharmacokinetic modelling of luminescence time series in coral skeletons. Geochimica et Cosmochima Acta 83: 263-271

LLEWELLYN LE (2010) Revisiting the association between sea surface temperature and the epidemiology of fish poisoning in the South Pacific: Reassessing the link between ciguatera and climate change. Toxicon 56: 691-697

LLEWELLYN LE (2009) Sodium channel inhibiting marine toxins. pp. 67-97. In: Fusetani N and Kem W (eds) Marine Toxins as Research Tools. Springer-Verlag.

Robillot C, Kineavy D, Burnell JN, LLEWELLYN LE (2009) Synthesis of bifunctional saxitoxin analogues by biotinylation. Toxicon 53: 460-465.

Uthicke S, LLEWELLYN LE, Eder F (2009) A fluorescent lectin assay to quantify Transparent Exopolymer Particles and Marine Snow on 96-well filtration plates. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods 7: 449-458.

Mukherjee J, LLEWELLYN LE, Evans-Illidge EA (2008) A tropical marine microbial natural products geobibliography as an example of desktop exploration of current research using web visualisation tools. Marine Drugs 6: 550-577.

LLEWELLYN LE (2007) Predictive toxinology: an initial foray using calculated molecular descriptors to describe toxicity using saxitoxins as a model. Toxicon 50: 901-913.

LLEWELLYN LE (2006) Saxitoxin, a toxic marine natural product that targets a multitude of receptors. Natural Product Reports 23: 200-222.

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