Principal Research Scientist - Decision Support Team, Healthy Great Barrier Reef
My interest is ecosystem resilience. More specifically, I'm interested in how we can sustain coral reefs this century and beyond. I started my career in 1995 when I pursued a PhD at JCU in coral biology. I then evolved into a systems ecologist who sees the world through two lenses: marine science and environmental management. I joined AIMS in May 2011 as team leader for the Climate Change Team. In 2014-15 I led the Healthy and Resilient Great Barrier Reef Program. Now I'm back at the science bench where I focus on building models of reef risk and resilience. I use those models to help managers make more informed decisions. To do that I collaborate with great people all over the planet: AIMS, national and international universities, government agencies, conservation agencies, industries and foundations. Projects that excite me especially at the moment are initiatives with TNC, NOAA and WWF to explore how trade-offs and business thinking can inform decision-making in reef conservation.
  • 1992: BSc, University of Copenhagen
  • 1993: MSc, Uni Copenhagen
  • 2000: PhD, James Cook University
Current Research Activities
My main focus is on the development of tools to support coral reef conservation and effective decision-making. In collaboration with my team at AIMS, I tackle the problem of how we build resilience on coral reefs under pressures from climate change, ocean acidification and local stressors such as pollution and overfishing. Our approaches range from the development of systems models to the design of conservation strategies with stakeholders and management agencies. I collaborate with a large multi-disciplinary group of excellent and dedicated people, and with collaborators from Australian and international institutions.
Expert Committees and Boards
Adjunct Professor, Centre for Biodiversity and Conservation Science, University of Queensland
Adjunct Professor, Centre of Excellence for Math and Stats Frontiers, Queensland University of Technology
Senior Leadership Team, AIMS Business Strategy Team (2013-2015);
GBRF Research Consortia
Strategic Advisory Committee Member, Centre of Excellence for Math and Stats Frontiers
Reviewer for >10 international journals.
Reviewer for major funding agencies (ARC, NSF, NOAA etc).
Over 90 science and technical papers in international journals. The following are a selection of recent publications

Google Scholar profile:

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