Fellow of the Australian Institute of Marine Science
Science Adviser, Office of the CEO
After researching living brachiopods in New Zealand, I migrated to Australia and switched focus to the ecology of coral reef fishes; emphasizing the processes driving the connectivity, replenishment and dynamics of their populations. After my PhD, I took a Queens Fellowship in Marine Science to AIMS and a year later accepted a tenured position at Griffith University. After teaching ecology and natural resource management for six years, I returned to AIMS as a staff scientist and subsequently led the Tropical Fisheries Ecology group. In 1999, I became Program Leader for Ecosystem Quality in CRC Reef and soon after also AIMS Research Director. In the latter role, ending in 2012, I facilitated AIMS collaboration in many partnerships such as the Integrated Marine Observing System. In addition, I have held numerous expertise-based appointments on ad hoc and standing committees. In 2011, I was appointed by a Commonwealth Minister to a science leadership position for the environment.
  • 1981 PhD University of Sydney
  • 1976 MSc Hons(1) University of Auckland
  • 1973 BSc University of Auckland
Current Research Activities
Science Leader of the Tropical Ecosystems Hub (TEH) in the National Environmental Research Program. TEH is a $62 million program of public good, environmental research for the Great Barrier Reef, Torres Strait, and Queensland Wet Tropics rainforests. Part of my role involves informing government and industry on research and management issues across these iconic ecosystems via multiple advisory mechanisms.
Expert Committees and Boards
Current examples include the Antarctic Research Assessment Committee (Chair); Antarctic Science Advisory Committee (ex Officio); Independent Science Panel for the Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Protection Plan; Great Barrier Reef Ecosystems Research Advisory Committee; eReefs User Reference Group; NERP Tropical Ecosystems Hub Steering Committee; Torres Strait Scientific Advisory Committee; IMOS Steering Committee; Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research (Australian National Committee).
Over 90 refereed publications since 1980, including

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Vigliola L, Doherty PJ, Meekan MG, Drown D, Jones ME, Barber PH (2007) Genetic identity determines risk of post-settlement mortality of a marine fish. Ecology 88(5): 1263-1277.

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