Research Scientist (Benthic Ecologist)
My core background is quantitative marine benthic ecology (in both temperate and tropical systems), and also in technical aspects of marine ecology (e.g. the use of stereo photogrammetry in studies of benthic organisms). Prior to undertaking my PhD I was part of the Long-term Monitoring Team at the Australian Institute of Marine Science. After completing my PhD on the population dynamics of two marine sponges, I was employed at the W.A. Fisheries Department (in the Biodiversity Team) investigating the anthropogenic influences on the coral reefs of the Houtman Abrolhos Islands. I have also worked with in private industry, conducting marine environmental impact assessments for the mining/oil and gas industries in the North West of W.A.

2008: PhD, University of Western Australia.

2002: BSc (Marine Science) Hons, University of Western Australia.

Current Research Activities
The primary focus of my research relates to the ecology of benthic invertebrates (focussing on marine sponges as a model organism), particularly in understanding the functional role of the benthos in the marine environment (e.g. benthic-pelagic coupling, habitat provision). I am also interested in understanding the effects of local (e.g. marine development such as port expansions) and global anthropogenic (i.e. climate change effects) influences on the marine benthos.
Over 10 science and technical papers in international journals. The following are a selection of recent publications.

Evans SN, Abdo DA (2010) A cost effective technique for measuring relative water movement for studies of benthic organisms. Marine and Freshwater Research (In Press).

Shortis M, Harvey E, Abdo D (2009) A Review of Underwater Stereo-Image Measurement for Marine Biology and Ecology Applications, Oceanography and Marine Biology - An Annual Review 47: 257-292.

Abdo DA, McDonald JI, Harvey ES, Fromont J, Kendrick GA (2008) Neighbour and environmental influences on the growth patterns of two temperate Haliclonid sponges. Marine and Freshwater Research 59: 304-312.

Abdo DA, Fromont J, McDonald JI (2008) Strategies, patterns and environmental cues for reproduction in two temperate haliclonid sponges. Aquatic Biology 1: 291-302.

Abdo DA, Motti CA, Battershill CN, Harvey ES (2007) Temperature and spatiotemporal variability of Salicylihalamide A in the sponge Haliclona sp. Journal of Chemical Ecology 33: 1635-1645.

Abdo DA (2007) Endofauna differences between two temperate marine sponges (Demospongiae; Haplosclerida; Chalinidae) from south west Australia. Marine Biology 152: 845-854.

Abdo DA, Seager JW, Harvey ES, McDonald JI, Kendrick GA, Shortis MR (2006) Efficiently measuring complex sessile epibenthic organisms using a novel photogrammetric technique. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 339: 120-133.

Abdo DA, Battershill CN, Harvey ES (2006) Manipulation of environmental variables and the effect on the growth of Haliclona sp.: implications for open water aquaculture. Marine Biology Research 2: 326 -332.

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