Research Scientist: Coral Ecology
  • Long-term dynamics of coral reef communities
  • Applying demographic data & models to monitoring programs
  • Sexual reproduction, larval ecology & recruitment of corals
After studying at James Cook University, I worked on collaborative projects between the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Aquarium, James Cook University and the Museum of Tropical Queensland investigating coral reproduction, spawning and mating systems. I then completed my PhD at the University of Western Australia, investigating the utility of combining methods to better understand the dynamics of coral populations. I have since worked with researchers from private industry, consultancies, universities and AIMS in Western Australia, particularly on northern coral reefs. My research focuses on the long-term dynamics of coral communities and quantifying patterns of impact and recovery from natural and human disturbances, particularly by incorporating a range of demographic data.
  • 2005: PhD, University of Western Australia.
  • 1994: Honours, James Cook University.
  • 1992: BSc Marine Biology and Chemistry, James Cook University.
Current Research Activities
My current research focus is the coral communities on the oceanic reefs of north-western Australia and the near-shore reefs at the Pilbara and Kimberley regions. I lead AIMS monitoring programs of at the oceanic reefs, where a range of descriptive and demographic data are collected to inform long-term dynamics. I am interested in combining complimentary data to explain spatial and temporal patterns of change in response to regimes of disturbance, in the context of future pressures. I am also exploring ways to better communicate the significance of our research to audiences beyond the scientific community.
I have written reports for Government,Industry and published in international journals - some publications include:

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