Research Scientist: Coral Ecology

  • Long-term dynamics of coral reef communities
  • Applying demographic data & models to monitoring programs
  • Sexual reproduction, larval ecology & recruitment of corals
After my undergraduate degrees at James Cook University, I worked on collaborative projects between the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Aquarium, James Cook University and the Museum of Tropical Queensland investigating coral reproduction, spawning and mating systems. I then completed my PhD at the University of Western Australia, investigating the utility of combining methods to better understand the dynamics of coral populations. I have since worked with researchers from private industry, consultancies, universities and AIMS in Western Australia, particularly on northern coral reefs. My research focuses on the long-term dynamics of coral communities and quantifying patterns of impact and recovery from natural and human disturbances, particularly by incorporating a range of demographic data.
  • 2005: PhD, University of Western Australia.
  • 1994: Honours, James Cook University.
  • 1992: BSc Marine Biology and Chemistry, James Cook University.
Current Research Activities
My current research activities are focused on coral communities on the oceanic reef systems and Kimberley Region of northwestern Australia. This research aims to quantify and understand spatial and temporal patterns of change in community structure responding to varying regimes of disturbance; thus, to consider the resilience of communities to observed disturbances and the implications of additional impacts. Traditional community structure data are supplemented with demographic data about reproduction, larval dispersal and connectivity, and growth and survival.
I have written many reports for Government and Industry and also published in international journals - a selection below.

Gilmour JP, Smith LD, Heyward AJ, Baird AH, Pratchett MS (2013) Recovery of an isolated coral reef system following severe disturbance. Science 340:69-71

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