Research Scientist - Environmental Chemist in the Sustainable Coastal Ecosystem & Industries in Tropical Australia research program.

2004: PhD, Charles Darwin University, Environmental Chemistry

1998: BSc (Honours 1st class), Northern Territory University, Chemistry

Current Research Activities
Metals in aquatic environments, metal speciation and bioavailability, aquatic processes, mineral-water interactions, mineral dissolution and diagenetic processes.
Over 20 science papers in international journals and technical reports. The following are a selection.

Harford AJ, Hogan AC, Tsang JJ, Parry DL, Negri AP, Adams MS, Stauber JL, van Dam RA (2011) Effects of alumina refinery wastewater and signature metal constituents at the upper thermal tolerance of: 1. The tropical diatom Nitzschia closterium. Marine Pollution Bulletin 62(3): 466-473

Hsu-Kim H, Mullaugh KM, Tsang JJ, Yucel M, Luther GW (2008) Formation of Zn- and Fe-sulfides near hydrothermal vents at the Eastern Lau Spreading Center: implications for sulfide bioavailability to chemoautotrophs. Geochemical Transactions 9(6): 14 pages (electronic)

Waite TJ, Moore TS, Childress JJ, Hsu-Kim H, Mullaugh KM, Nuzzio DB, Paschal AN, Tsang J, Fishers CR, Luther GW (2008) Variation in sulfur speciation with shellfish presence at a Lau Basin diffuse flow vent site. Journal of Shellfish Research 27(1): 163-168

Tsang JJ, Rozan TF, Hsu-Kim H, Mullaugh KM, Luther GW, III (2006) Pseudopolarographic determination of Cd2+ complexation in freshwater. Environmental Science & Technology 40(17): 5388-5394

Tsang JJ, Parry DL (2004) Metal mobilization from complex sulfide ore concentrate: Effect of light and pH. Australian Journal of Chemistry (special edition dedicated to T. Mark Florence), 57(10): 971-978

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