Assist in the development and implementation of the eAtlas platform and other 'value-added' science output data projects.
  • Feb 2010 - current: Programmer for AIMS
  • Oct 2005 - Jul 2009: Java programmer for LexUM (Canada)
  • Aug 2002 - May 2004: ASP programmer for WizBusiness inc (Canada)
  • Jan 2002 - May 2002: PHP programmer for Univers-cité (Canada)
  • Apr 2001 - Nov 2001: Computer Science Teacher in Poklik computer center (Canada)

2004-2008: Baccalaureate in computer science (University of Montreal, Canada)

1999-2002: Diploma of College Studies in computer science (Rosemont College, Canada)

Current Research Activities
I have been involved in novel projects which required research in different domains such as:
  • Drupal development
  • Server backup solution
  • Mapping system (Geographic information system)
Published projects, available for download from anyone over the world.

Lafond G, Lawrey E (2011 - 2016) AtlasMapper - Web mapping client for viewing a catalogue of WMS, ArcGIS, ncWMS and XYZ tile map layers. Open source project,

Lawrey E, Lafond G, (2013-2016), eAtlas Data Tools - Tools, libraries and scripts (R) for preparing environmental research data. Open source project,

Data products developed:

Lawrey E, Lafond G (2014), Crown of Thorns Starfish (COTS) outbreaks on the Great Barrier Reef (animation), [Publisher] e-Atlas. [animation and map service]

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