Principal Research Scientist, Team Leader 'Tropical Water Quality and Impacts'
I have postgraduate qualifications in Biology (MSc 1991, University of Groningen, The Netherlands) and Zoology (PhD 1997, University of British Columbia, Canada). After finishing my PhD in 1997, I made a deliberate choice to move into more applied research that would inform the protection and restoration of coastal ecosystems. Since 2000, my research interests broadened into understanding how coastal zones can be managed using a collaborative and integrated approach to both catchment management and coastal ecosystem health, to protect water quality, aquatic biodiversity and fisheries production. To this effect, I have been leading major research programs with NSW Fisheries and the CSIRO in both temperate and tropical coastal ecosystems. In my recent research I focus on understanding the impacts of known and emerging contaminants on tropical marine organisms and ecosystems.

1992: MSc eq. Biology, The University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

1997: PhD Zoology, The University of British Columbia, Canada.

Current Research Activities
In my current research I focus on understanding the impacts of known and emerging contaminants on tropical marine organisms and ecosystems. Contaminants of interest include endocrine disrupting chemicals and microplastics, while the marine organisms studied include all of the life history stages of tropical coastal and marine fish. My Team focuses on the long-term trends of tropical water quality in the Great Barrier Reef, and potential impacts on reef organisms such as outbreaks of crown of thorns starfish. I also hold the position of Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University.
Expert Committees and Boards
Associate Editor Marine and Freshwater Research (2012 - 2017)
Reef Plan Scientific Consensus Statement: Contributing Author (2017), Lead Author (2013)
Reef Plan R&D Coordination Group (2012 - 2014)
Subject Editor Biotropica (2010-2012)
A total of 94 refereed reports, including 58 journal papers (Google Scholar: total citations 2123, h-index 25)


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