Postdoctoral Researcher with the Healthy and Resilient GBR Program
My research interests and expertise are based in the field of marine virology. I am particularly interested in host-virus interactions, viral genomics, the role of viruses in biogeochemical cycling and evolutionary processes. I received my PhD in 2009 from the University of Warwick, and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) U.K., where I studied marine viruses that infect nano- and picophytoplankton. I then undertook an 18 month postdoctoral position at PML investigating algae for use in biofuels. I joined AIMS in late 2011 to begin a Super Science Fellowship researching the viruses associated with coral reefs and their role in a changing climate.
  • 2009 PhD University of Warwick, Coventry U.K.
  • 2005 M.Res. University of Plymouth, Plymouth, U.K.
  • 1993 B.Sc. (Hons), University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology, U.K.
Current Research Activities
The overarching aim of my research is to provide a detailed understanding of critical roles that viruses play in coral health, coral bleaching and disease and the adaptation of corals to climate change. This will be achieved by characterising the viromes associated with healthy and bleached corals, thereby identifying the viruses within the coral holobiont and which host genes they have acquired. The spatial and temporal distribution of certain viral groups that are associated with reef corals is also being assessed.
Expert Committees and Boards
Member of the steering committee for the International Aquatic Virus Workshop conferences
North Queensland representative of the Joint Academic Microbiology Seminars (JAMS)
The following are a selection of recent publications in international journals.

Allen MJ, Tait K, Muhling M, Weynberg K, Bradley C, Trivedi U, Gharbi K, Nissimov J, Mavromatis K, Jensen CN, Grogan G and Ali ST (2012) Genome sequence of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia PML168, which displays Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase activity. Journal of Bacteriology. 194: 4753-4754.

Reid EL, Weynberg KD, Love J, Isupov MN, Littlechild JA, Wilson WH, Kelly SL, Lamb DC, Allen MJ (2013) Functional and structural characterisation of a viral cytochrome b5. FEBS Letters 587 (22): 3633-3639

Weynberg KD, Wood-Charslon EM, Suttle CA, van Oppen MJ (2014) Generating viral metagenomes from the coral holobiont. Frontiers in Microbiology 5: 206.

Pollock FJ, Wood-Charlson EM, van Oppen MJH, Bourne DG, Willis BL, Weynberg KD (2014) Abundance and morphology of virus-like particles associated with the coral Acropora hyacinthus differ between healthy and white syndrome-infected states. Accepted by Marine Ecology Progress Series 510: 39-43

Wood-Charlson EM, Weynberg KD, Suttle CA, Roux S, van Oppen MJH (2015) Metagenomic characterisation of viral communities in corals: Mining biological signal from methodological noise. Environmental Microbiology 17(10): 3440-3449

ReFuGe 2020 Consortium (2015) The ReFuGe 2020 Consortium - using "omics" approaches to explore the adaptability and resilience of coral holobionts to environmental change. Frontiers in Marine Science 2: 68

Weynberg KD, Voolstra CR, Neave MJ, Buerger P, van Oppen MJH (2015) From cholera to corals: Viruses as drivers of virulence in a major coral bacterial pathogen. Scientific Reports 5: 17889

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