Coastal Oceanographer within Sustainable Coastal Ecosystems and Industries in Tropical Australia research program.
Hydrocarbon Spill Assessments within Known and Emerging Contaminants Team.
Project Management and Project Risk Assessments.
I have over 25 years experience (14 of which in Australia) and extensive skills in the fields of program development and project management, metocean and hydrological numerical modelling, field data collection and analysis, and quantitative risk assessments.
My professional history embraces climate studies using earth system models of intermediate complexity, studies of sensitivity of wave and hydrodynamic models, wind, wave and current hindcast, prediction, data assimilation, and model validation studies. Over the years, I have been designing and conducting research field campaigns, hydrodynamic and oil spill assessments, pollutant discharge and dredging studies, while collaborating with a number of project teams in Australia, USA, Asia and Europe.
My particular interests are in developing and implementing research programs, as well as in ensuring that research project outcomes are achieved on time and within allocated budgets.

2015: Cert.III Business Management,TAFE

2011: Cert.Proj.Manager,URS

1996: PhD Phys.Oceanography&Num.Modelling,Odesa Hydromet.Inst.

1991: Hons Eng. Phys.Oceanogr.&Meteorology,Odesa Hydromet.Inst.

Current Research Activities
My current research interests are within the following areas:
  • ocean and water quality parameter monitoring, data processing and analysis;
  • hydrodynamic, wind wave, waste water discharge and hydrocarbon spill assessments;
  • artificial intelligence applications in metocean and environmental studies;
  • integral approach and program development for open ocean and coastal applications;
  • quantitative and semi-quantitative risk assessments.
Expert Committees and Boards
Technical Advisory Group for construction of Multi User Barge Ramp Facility, Darwin Port
Around 80 scientific peer-reviewed publications, more than 30 industry reports; see a selection of recent science publications.

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